How to run an experiment

Start a session

Double click on the Start session icon.

Select your z-Leaf

In the first list look for the z-Leaf you want to use, type the corresponding number and hit enter.

Select your z-Tree

In the second list look for the z-Tree you want to use, type the corresponding number and hit enter.

Number of clients

Type the number of clients you want to connect and hit enter.

Wait until a new window with a list of urls opens up.

Links for participants

Export the url list and close the two open windows.

Upload your z-Tree files

Switch to FileZilla on your local machine.

Step 1:

  • connect to the server via sftp
  • in the Host field type: sftp://
  • int the Username field type: lab
  • in the password field type: lab
  • in the Port field type: 60022
  • click Quickconnect

Step 2: on the local site (left) navigate to the path were you stored your .ztt files

Step 3: on the remote site (right) navigate to /share/scratch

Step 4: on the local site select the .ztt (or .ztq) files you want to upload

Step 5: drag & drop the selected files from the local site to the remote site

Note: You can use the scratch folder to organize your experiments. Create subfolders for different experimenters or treatments.

Open z-Tree

Switch back to your virtual machine and double click on the Show z-Tree icon.

Open your z-Tree file

Click on File -> Open.

Step 1: double click on the / (root) folder.

Step 2: double click on the share folder.

Double click on the scratch folder. Then double click on the .ztt file you want to open.

Ready to run your treatment

You are now ready to start your experiment.

For all further steps follow the z-Tree manual.

Download your results files

After your experiment is completed switch FileZilla and download your output files to your local hard drive.

The output files are stored in /share/scratch.

There is a subfolder named with a time stamp for every session.

Terminate the session

Once you saved your output files you can terminate the session in your virtual machine.