1. Testing and making changes to your z-Tree program

During testing I encountered the following error:

It is just possible to open and run a z-Tree program in another locale, but not to modify it using the show z-Tree interface. Pasting just results in inserting the unicode representation of the characters (i.e. \u06…). A simple workaround is to use the local user, modify the zTree program save it and open it again with show z-Tree.

1.1 To start z-Tree open the Terminal Emulator and type:

LC_ALL=fa_IR.utf8 wine /share/zTree/YOURZTREEDIRECTORY/ztree.exe

1.2 Start a z-Leaf

LC_ALL=fa_IR.utf8 /usr/bin/taskset -c 0 /usr/bin/wine /share/zTree/YOURZTREEDIRECTORY/zleaf.exe /name TestClient1

Just use this in order to edit and make small changes. If you want to make larger changes it is more comfortable to use your host operating system (MS Windows).

2. Character spacing issue

Another encountered issue is that characters somehow ‘line-up’.

The workaround for this issue is that you just need to add a line break after the the text by pressing enter.

But now the input box is aligned at the right side of the outer standard box. To center the text you’ll need to change the width of the outer standard box.

2.1 Using RTFs with other locals

In order to use RTF formats you’ll need to add \ansicpg0

Again, you’ll need to add a new line, such that the characters don’t stack:

The box is again aligned to the right side of the box. Changing the box’ width gives: