Installation method: Virtual machine image

  1. Download zTu.ova (sig, last update: 2020-10-30).
  2. Import zTu.ova into VirtualBox (File > Import Appliance…) (You will find detailed instructions below).
  3. Start the virtual machine. The username is lab and the password is lab.
  4. Upon your first run of the virtual machine, you should initialize z-Tree unleashed. To do so, double-click the “Initizialize zTu” symbol on the desktop. Read the instructions in the command line interface and supply the information you are asked to enter.
  5. The installation is completed. Proceed to the section entitled “How to run an experiment”.

Import the VirtualBox Image

1. File > Import Appliance…

2. First press (1) to choose the right location of the downloaded image. Press next to continue.

3. Skip this page and just press “Import”. We configure the machine afterwards in step (5).

4. Wait until the appliance is imported.

5. Select the already imported virtual machine in the list, press the right mouse button and select “Settings…”

6. Assign memory to your virtual machine.

We need at least more than 2000 MB (if available use 3000 MB or more)

7. Allocate Processor(s) to your virtual machine.

Note: We need at least 2 Cores. Assign more cores (if available) to improve usage experience.

8. Keep the default Network Adapter attached to “NAT”

9. Save your changes by pressing “OK”

10. Start your now configured virtual machine by pressing “Start”

11. Log in using ‘lab’ as username and ‘lab’ as password.

Proceed to the section entitled “How to run an experiment”.