Releasing z-Tree unleashed

Mar 30, 2020 • CLER

Our project, z-Tree unleashed, is now available to all. From today, you will be able to stream z-Tree experiments over the Internet. We offer a virtual machine image for a “plug and play” setup on your own computer as well as a set of scripts for you to install z-Tree unleashed on your own server.

We are also making an advanced copy of our working paper available to you:

We recommend that you peruse this working paper in order to understand the different approaches that could be used in conjunction with z-Tree unleashed.

We thank Urs Fischbacher for supporting our project and allowing us to use the name z-Tree.

For further information please go to our website:

We recommend that you use “Installation method: Virtual machine image”, i.e. that you download our virtual machine image, import it into VirtualBox and that you check it out.

Additional to our documentation, we offer short introductory videos on initializing z-Tree unleashed and running your own sessions:

Feel free to email us in our Google Group:!forum/z-tree-unleashed

This post was edited on July 22, 2020.