z-Tree unleashed

A novel client-integrating architecture for conducting z-Tree experiments over the Internet

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What is z-Tree unleashed?

z-Tree unleashed is a novel methodology and set of scripts to aid the implementation of experimental economics laboratory experiments outside of the laboratory. As the name of the project suggests, z-Tree unleashed does not require a stationary lab configuration but rather faciliates an easy but secure way of conducting z-Tree experiments over the Internet.


Easy to install and not intrusive

Use your lab as before. z-Tree unleashed may run inside a virtual machine and does not affect the exisiting configuration of the lab. Even more important: Experimenter do no need to change anything in their code. If it was executed locally on their computer and worked, it is going to work under z-Tree unleashed.

Free to use

It is almost completely open source. You just need a registered copy of z-Tree. The only additional requirement is that you cite the our paper if z-Tree unleashed in an academic context. See our licence for more information.